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Having a website is a great start, but if nobody is visiting, then there’s no chance you can get more sales conversion. 

You’re basically leaving money on the table without a strategy in place to bring in qualified traffic to your web page. 

As you’re probably aware, every business has a unique marketing message to sell their specific products. 

google ads to generate leads

Let’s face it…it is one of the most difficult parts for every online business owner in the world of internet marketing is increasing traffic. 

And the truth is that those who are able to target their audience accurately are the ones getting fantastic results for their business. 


Here’s the good news…

There is an efficient way where you can send traffic to your webpage based on keywords.

That’s where Google Ads (aka Google AdWords) comes into the picture.  In fact, this is the largest PPC (Pay-Per-Click) platform in the world. 

There are indeed a bunch of opportunities to get consistent leads and sales if you know how this thing works.

It is one of the most powerful yet affordable online marketing tools that exist today. 


So how to generate leads from Google? The problem with AdWords is that it is hard to get search visitors to click on your ads. 

This is even more frustrating when you are trying to reach your target audience who put effort into finding the type of products you offer and yet they can’t find you. 

As a result, you just spend money on ads that don’t attract your target customers.

If you are an online entrepreneur managing your eCommerce store who is just starting out using a Google Ads account, you may be unsure how to use this platform. 


But don’t worry! That’s why we’re here.

This article will give you some tips on how you can make the most out of Google Ads and help you get more targeted traffic to your website by increasing the number of clicks and conversions


With that being said… the first thing you need to do is to: 


Know your Audience

Listen, just because it sounds so simple doesn’t mean it’s going to be a walk in the park.

Believe me, it requires effort. 


Enough work to skyrocket the number of your quality leads and sales conversion.

The point is that you don’t ever take this for granted. 

Buyers nowadays have a ton of options as to where and when they can spend their money. 


What makes you separate from your competitors is that if you know your target customers and if you directly tap their core desires, you will naturally attract them to visit your website, see what you offer, and buy from you.

Now, you must be asking “Hey, how exactly can I do that?…

Alright, glad you ask because you can do this by simply knowing how to figure out the demand by conducting in-depth online market research.

Yep, you hear that. Market Research is the key.


You see, researching your target customers is essential if you want to be on top of your game and beat every single one of your competitors. 

You need to be able to understand your market better in such a way that they will make them think you know exactly what they want and you have the solution to their problems. (whether they are big or small)


It allows you to know your prospects like the back of your hands.

We’re talking about your target audience here. Those customers who are potentially buying your products soon. 

Look, if you want to take your eCommerce business to the next level, you can use search keywords to your advantage if you know your target audience very well.

What are their dreams? What better version of themselves do they imagine and how do you connect your products to their desires?

Questions like these are crucial as far as knowing your customers are concerned. Targeting them will make you speak their language.

Not only will it allow you to laser-focus your targeting to get more leads, but it will also be easy for you to convince them to buy your product eventually.


Next is:  

Optimize Your Ad text

optimizing ad texts

The internet has revolutionized the way we search, interact and shop for products.

Online advertising campaigns like Google Ads provide businesses (any size) with a direct communication channel to their target audience (customers) at a low cost for effective lead generation. 


Now, with numerous channels available to promote your website, it can be challenging to find the right keywords that are popularly used by potential customers.

So it’s absolutely essential to make sure your Ad text is highly optimized. 

That’s why after knowing who your target market is, you should be able to identify their interests and what makes them look for specific products online. 


For you to get more clicks, the texts selected should be compelling enough for the reader. Start doing it by writing a high-converting text based on your research.

You’ll see what appeals to them and pays specific attention to their interests and needs.

By knowing what specific words they usually type in on google related to the products you offer, the higher the chance of your campaign to perform better. 

Also, you make your offers more relevant according to what your audience wants.

One practical tip you can apply is to keep on testing to see what works so you can also focus on the highest-performing keywords


The secret to effective Google Ad text lies in how you improve your messaging.

Getting more clicks that will increase your CTR can be done through strategic placement and testing.  

Say for example you can test and change the colors, words, and phrases which will produce better results and help increase your CTR.

Which means you have to do some work to make it better.


In line with that, the biggest mistake you could be making with your AdWords is not focusing on profiting from your leads.

After spending hours upon hours perfecting your website and tweaking your ad copy, don’t you deserve to get highly qualified leads?

That is why after knowing your audience and optimizing your ad text, there’s one thing you need to do in order to get more qualified leads whom you can easily convert going forward. 

Make sure you… 

Optimize Your Landing Page

optimize ads landing page

There are countless articles on the internet telling you how Google Ads drives targeted traffic, but what about the effectiveness of Google Ads in driving highly qualified traffic to your website? 

If you’re reading this and you are struggling to source highly qualified traffic at a low cost, it’s time to revisit your Google Ads campaign and see what’s wrong. 

So let me ask you, have you ever wondered why most Google Ads don’t convert? 


You can consider checking your landing page.

If this page isn’t persuasive and compelling enough, it must have a low conversion rate. 

Are you converting around 1-2% from your landing page? If so, you belong to the average. If not, then all the more you re-visit this and consider tweaking it.

If the landing isn’t optimized enough to make your reader pull out their wallet, enter their credit card details and buy your products, the effort of getting more qualified clicks to your google ads are wasted.

You see, the landing page is the one responsible for converting your visitors into leads and making money.

So you need to make sure this is not a mediocre type of page or just for the sake of having one on your site.

And the key to making your Google ads campaign successful is to make sure you have a high-converting landing page that is optimized for conversion.

But you have to understand that making your landing page high-converting, requires a full understanding of how Adwords works. 


So after making sure you know your Target Audience and having your Ad text optimized…  you better be sure you fix your eyes on your ultimate goal to convert them.

At the end of the day, enticing them to click on your ads is one thing, and converting them is another. You should aim for both.

You see, by optimizing your ads and landing pages, you can be sure that the right people are clicking on your ads and converting as leads.

With that, your campaign will generate targeted traffic and highly qualified leads through Google Ads.

Remember these 4 P’s your landing page should contain:

  1. Promise – of what your product can do and how it can add value to their lives. It should answer the question ‘What’s in it for them?’ by using an attention-grabbing headline.
  2. Picture – educate the customers on what your product is through vivid description imagery to hold their emotional interest and to keep them focused on the benefits of your product.
  3. Proof – show them that your claims are proven to work by displaying statistics with credible sources affiliates because it helps earn your audience’s trust in a powerful way.
  4. Push – The designed action you want your audience to do. (Buy, give contact info, subscribe)

In a Nutshell

Google AdWords can be a little confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

Think of it as stepping stones to getting you further down the funnel towards your ultimate goal to convert visitors into buyers.

With little work on these 3 simple tips, it can drastically increase your website’s traffic and you can increase your online presence and grow your business.


Those who do not know where to start with Google Ads often end up wasting their money on clicks that don’t convert into sales.

So if you’re not advertising on Google yet or have tried it with little success,  then I have good news for you…

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Using Google AdWords the right way can help you grow your business exponentially and we’re here to help you achieve that. 

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Now, as I wrap up, let me ask you this…

What’s your single biggest takeaway after reading this article? We would love to hear from you, so leave your comment below. You may also read our article about the three reasons why your ads are not working.



Quick Evolve Team