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Fellow Business Owner,

If you feel like you’ve hit the ceiling with your business and can’t scale up, this will probably be the most important message you’ve read all year long.

And here’s why — my name is Ricky Hayes and two years ago, my e-commerce store crashed in flames. Sales flatlined out of nowhere and I was seriously considering quitting it all and going back to my office job.

One day something “clicked” and I came up with a completely new strategy (not just another ad campaign or flashy marketing tool) that would shoot my sales through the roof.

It was completely against the rules of big ad platforms. When I shared it with my colleagues, they told me to trash it. But I was determined to make it work. After all, that was my last chance to salvage the business.
So I tested it on my store. And I didn’t have to wait long until I saw the results…


A 649% ROAS Increase!

This strategy beat every campaign I’ve ever run by miles. What’s more, it was so good it could work on literally any business, in any niche — because it wasn’t about the product, it was about the method.

Are you selling something online? Do you have a brand that’s stuck in place, and seemingly impossible to grow? Are you…

  • Trying to grow ad revenue with little to no success?
  • Wasting time on new ad strategies (which inevitably fail?)
  • Tired of being a CEO, CFO and marketing manager for your company 24h a day, all week long?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, this strategy can make a difference.

The “Rocket RMA” Marketing Strategy


Listen: I used to run my ads the “traditional” way: launch, optimize, scale and repeat. But if you’ve done this before, you know it’s not as simple as it sounds. In fact, ad platforms purposely put a limit on your income.

The “Rocket RMA” Marketing Strategy works around the limits of these ad platforms to unlock significant earning potential. It’s based on another marketing method I call the “Four-Step Sales Flywheel”. And the “Four-Step Sales Flywheel” turns cold prospects into red-hot repeat buyers. Then, “Rocket RMA” Strategy takes it one step further — so you can explode your revenue in just under 30 days!

This strategy is so powerful, I’ve seen small businesses…

“Maurice & Chloe own “CMC Gold”, an e-commerce store with beautiful handmade baby decor items. Maurice was running ads himself but soon noticed he was wasting a lot of his advertising dollars. He came across Quick Evolve, and we partnered together to work on CMC Gold’s marketing. In under60 days, Maurice took his business from a 1.40 ROAS to 4.00 ROAS with a much higher ad spend.”

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“"These guys are marketing geniuses! They are always happy to share their knowledge and I've never worked with anyone who cares for my business like they do. Prompt, attentive and their work rate is the best I've seen! Would never work with anyone else!"”

Heeb El-BayBusiness Owner

Increase Revenue By $427,309 Per Month

…up from only $30k/month (a 14,243.6% increase!) Not surprisingly, founders took a step back from their businesses and now run all their marketing runs itself. The hard part of living like this, however, is figuring out how to spend all your money. If you find that difficult, you definitely shouldn’t invest in this strategy. And guess what — that’s not even the best part. For the “Rocket RMA” Strategy can take your life and business to a whole new level, in so many ways:

Unlock your businesses’ earning capacity and potentially multiply your revenue in just weeks

Create an audience of loyal customers who are desperate to give you their money

Stop wasting time on your marketing — have the strategy executed entirely by our team

Finally get a deserved rest from your business, and let the “marketing machine” make money for you

Instead of pondering about Facebook Ads, have more time to indulge in your hobbies or make memories with your family

Grow a booming, industry-leading company all thanks to this strategy (with little to no effort at all…)

And there’s more, so much more. You could potentially be able to afford that luxury car you’ve been eyeballing (beware, women won’t take their eyes off you.) Or a dream home on a tropical island, down by the pristine, white beaches. Can you feel the relaxed Caribbean sun beams?

I could go on and on, though I hope you find the “Rocket RMA” beneficial enough to try it. But before you book your FREE “Rocket RMA” Strategy Call, you should know that it comes with a…

Results Speak
For Themselves

What Our Clients Have To Say

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Minimum 30% ROAS Increase GUARANTEE Or It’s

Completely FREE + $1,000 In Cash!

Yes, you’ve read that right — if my “Rocket RMA” Marketing Strategy doesn’t work on your business, within 90 days, we’ll refund you ALL your money AND we’ll give you an additional $1,000 in cash for wasting your time.

I want you to take absolutely no risk. There is nothing for you to lose — and everything to gain. You’re fully protected by the guarantee, no questions asked.

All you have to do now is book a completely free “Rocket RMA” Strategy Call, by clicking on the button below:


And because this offer has been so popular, I can’t guarantee any spaces will be available. If there are too many applications, we’ll be forced to close it. So better rush your reservation while it’s still there.


This is no time to hesitate; every second you don’t make the reservation means one less available spot. Book now to learn how the “Rocket RMA” Marketing Strategy could work specifically for your business.


Looking forward to seeing you on the call. Thank you.

Ricky Hayes & Theo Stavrou

Looking forward to seeing you on the call. Thank you.

Ricky Hayes & Theo Stavrou