Bella Luck Charms

1. What challenges did you discover when you started working with Bella Luck Charms

When Bella Luck Charms was coming to us they were struggling to grow revenue since there were numbers of competitors in the same business and the market was very competitive. We have deep dive into their product range, website structure and opportunities for paid ads to scale the overall revenue. We are able to scale from $8k on (Feb’21) a month to $72K end of Dec’22.

2. What strategies did you use?

So in order to get optimal results, we knew that tracking was essential, and we knew the competition and problem was to stand out among those competitor since the market is very competitive for these products.

So we optimized all these channels as part of the onboarding to help structure the business for limitless scaling.

1. Facebook ads
2. Google ads
3. Email marketing
4. Conversion tracking for Facebook and Google ads
5. Aggregated events and Domain verification
6. Google tag manager
7. Google analytics
8. Google merchant centre
9. Shopify automation flow management

As we know how important the back-end is to support the front end we started there. Once the foundations were laid we immediately started working on cold traffic ads on Facebook and Google.

We then started cold campaigns very slowly, just 1 creative, 1 campaign, 1 adset. We made sure to limit the copy and make the image not contain anything Nike in it to be safe. It still worked very well.

While doing this we knew Google ads was King here, it always is and we are pros at it. We immediately started search campaigns, Performance Max, Remarketing, gmail ads, youtube ads, display ads, Shopping ads including standard, smart campaign.

We quickly found performance max outperforming and scaled that. This traffic was high quality traffic so between Google ads cold and Facebook ads remarketing we were scaling the business with ease.

We also knew that email marketing was key, so we immediately helped configure that to help with further sales, competitions and scaling.

3. What happened after implementing the strategies?

As you can see from the screenshot below the sales increased by 43% within 3 months. We increased traffic 38%, returning customers increased by 6%, and increased conversion rate by 7%. If we talk about the ROAS which is 6.04 far better for Bella Luck Charms since its very challenging. This is while continually helping to build and solidify the brand among other competitors.

As we can see below the Google ads screenshot for our campaigns we reduced to 2 campaigns heavily optimized for sales. We can see the Performance max is crushing it under our marketing strategy that was the support beam to allow the business to grow sustainably over the long term.

Over the 3 months we made sure to optimize the performance for age, locations, genders, keywords, products, slow and steady for the most profitable ones to keep the focus there consistently. This is what resulted in over a 6X ROAS on Google ads alone that was easily able to help scale. The client had a ideal cost per purchase on average of $30, and we were well underneath that so scaling was slow and steady.

As we can see below the trend lines for traffic, conversions and cost per conversion. From the initial launch, we can see there is a consistent growth in conversions, traffic and cost per conversions.

4. What roadblocks did you experience along the way?

The biggest challenge encountered for Bella Luck Charms was the competition and their product range because there are wide range of products and identify the best way to promote these products. There were multiple campaigns for product level, category level to test out which is working for us and wiped off non-performing ones since we have limited budget to scale the overall revenue.

Final Notes of Case Study with Quick Evolve for Bella Luck Charms

Working with a client selling huge product range and the market competition. But it wasn’t one we couldn’t accept, and accepted the offer when the client wanted to work with us. One of the keys here was consistent communication, which we use Clickup for where we invite clients to. We use this especially for the creative and copy branding. This ensures smooth transmission of information ensuring the copy is on-brand and optimized for sales.

Through setting up all channels, we helped solidify the brand going from $8,000 approximately a month to about $75,000 a month consistently and growing. That is a huge increase while stabilizing the backend and supporting the client through all their problems. We love working with Diamond Kicks, very thankful for the opportunity to help grow their business and look forward to consistently scaling and taking market share!

What Our Clients Say

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Korganika TM
Korganika TM
Thank you again for the tremendous transformation you have made with my business in the short time since you've taken over. 🎉
Nick Evangelidis
Nick Evangelidis
Finally an agency that actually does as they say! I own a supplement company and have previously worked with 2 highly regarded digital marketing agency’s. I almost gave up all together as I was getting charged ridiculously high fees for no greater result then I was able to achieve myself. Theo and quick evolve came recommended from a friend so I gave him a shot. My business since working with Theo and the team has improved substantially and not only that, they are contactable when I need them, they actually listen and work with me not just as they feel necessary. Highly recommended if you’re serious about growing your business and want to work with good people
Nikolaos Tzoutzidis
Nikolaos Tzoutzidis
Theo and the team at quick evolve have changed my life for good. Transformed the way my business runs and are a team of total professionals. If you're looking for an agency that actually delivers serious results, look no further. Would not trust any one else. Cheers Quick Evolve 👍
Maria Kyriopoulos
Maria Kyriopoulos
Quick Evolve has helped me grow my business. I had built my business to the best of my ability, but with their assistance they have made a big difference in my sales! Very responsive and work well with me! (STAMP IT By Miss M)
Jonno If
Jonno If
Had a terrible experience with Ricky
Joey G
Joey G
My business was going under and Quick Evolve has since tripled our average yearly revenue. Hand to heart I swear by them.
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen
Theo, Ricky and his talented team are the most caring marketing group. They strive for other businesses to succeed and will go above and beyond to assist your business needs. I love meeting and chatting with them, discussing about the direction of my business and most importantly, to grow. Keep up with the good work!
Peter Stavrou
Peter Stavrou
Excellent! Quick Evolve are truly Facebook Ad experts!
Minas Grapsas
Minas Grapsas
Awesome service, great results. If it is results you're after, i highly recommend Quick Evolve.
Phillip Stephanou
Phillip Stephanou
The team at Quick Evolve have been second to none! Amazing knowledge, service and overall experience! I thank them for all that my business has become online!! Don't bother looking elsewhere!