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It’s hard to believe that Facebook ads only became a thing in 2012. The social media giant now has 2.89 billion monthly active users, making it the biggest social network worldwide. 

What does it mean then? 

Well, if you are not advertising on Facebook, your competitors probably are…and they are likely making more sales as a result.

The good news is that with all those people using it daily, there is no shortage of ad targeting opportunities available.

Now, imagine running ads to make your life-changing products known, you’re extremely confident it will help people, BUT…

You feel like you are wasting a lot of money on it because your ad isn’t doing its job well… and as a result, bloating your monthly budget. 


facebook ads elementsThe offer is good, but you’re struggling to put it out there because of how Facebook advertising works…and it changes every single time.

Needless to say, it’s such a big pain in your marketing efforts and you’re seriously throwing away your precious time and money.

That is probably why you are here, isn’t it? 

You do not want that to happen or keep happening.


In this article, you will discover how to strategically run Facebook Ads that will get your potential customers to take action by clicking your ads and eventually convert them by simply making these critical elements that are proven to make your ads profitable. 

You need to know that there are…

Three Most Important Elements of a High-Converting Facebook Ads.

And I will outline how these 3 elements will help you get more clicks on your ads, increase your conversion and create campaigns that will grow your e-commerce business.

Without further ado, let’s start with the first element…

#1 Targeting 

If you keep doing the traditional ways of ad targeting then you will just be wasting your money on those people who are not at all interested in buying anything, so it’s better to avoid them as much as possible so that you can focus on those people who are most likely to buy from you.

One thing you need to understand is that the goal of targeting is to get high-quality traffic to your offers using Facebook Advertising. 

You want your offer to be seen by the right people and eventually, convert them. 

Now, I’d like to explain first why Facebook is a powerful source…

  • You can use very specific targeting to reach just the people you want to see your offers. 
  • It allows you to target by demographics, interest, and location.
  • You can get very specific on your ads if you know what you are doing (you can choose not only targeting options but create your audience for future use.)
  • The offer itself is what makes it powerful. You can leverage it to get them interested in something…

After they click on an ad, a lot of business owners’ strategy is to provide these people with a lead magnet or an offer for free. 

Take note, that just because it is free does not mean it has no value.

You can genuinely give for free because you are increasing the chance of them eventually buying from you not only in exchange for their email address. 

This is popularly known or called the “Lead Generation

The key to high-quality traffic is if you know how to find your target audience.

And it all starts with the Facebook Ad platform. Use the targeting options in order to narrow down your audience. 

After using these, you will be able to see a lot of relevant information about your targeted users.  

Bottom line is that optimizing your targeting allows your ads to be on the right path. It gets you in the right direction towards your target customers.

Targeting matters because it will help you not spend too much and increase the conversion rate.

PLUS, it does not only help with getting a lot of leads but more so, a bunch of sales conversions if you target the right audience.

Now speaking of conversion, let’s talk about this very important element of Facebook Ads which is responsible for influencing your audience to take action…

#2 Ad Copy 

Look, your prospects did not log in on their Facebook account to look for any form of advertisement.

So they don’t intentionally read ads, they read what interests them.

That’s why after you’ve targeted your target audience, the next crucial step is to create an ad that will make them take action. 

This is where you can leverage your persuasion skills. You do it through writing your Ad Copy.

The reason why I call this the most important one is that the actual words from your messaging are what trigger your audience to connect with you. 

It compels them to do something. That is whatever you want them to do. 

This is what we’re trying to accomplish here, yes?

At the end of the day,  the goal is for them to:

  • Click the link
  • Sign up for our email list
  •  Buy the products/services
  • Sell something again to them safer they sign up.

See, as business owners, we want these audiences to pull out their wallets, get their credit cards and buy whatever it is we are selling to them. 

The crucial element here is the word  “compelling”.

The messaging should be persuasive enough unless your ad will completely do its job.

You need to be able to give them a reason why they should click on your offer.

Let’s say for example you are promoting a lead magnet called “How to build a brick oven in your backyard”, then what would be more compelling?

Offer 1: 50% discount on all organic beef from our farm store! 

Offer 2: Get How to Build a Brick Oven In Your Backyard for free! It’s yours if you sign up here…  

Notice offer number two? It looks much more interesting and relevant to people who are interested in making brick ovens.


See what I mean?

In fact, when running different variations of your ads, you may want to take advantage of testing a boatload of angles, hooks, and stories.

Which means a ton of high-converting and complaint copy to persuade your audience.

What you can do to make it persuasive is you can use the same language your customer avatar is using (as long as you make sure it is compliant with Facebook, you’re good), speak to where they are on their journey (market awareness), have different angles and test what works.

Now, if you want to get good fast on creating winning ads that are surefire high-converting…consider getting a mentor whom you can get undivided attention and guidance to teach you the step-by-step actions you can implement workable for your eCommerce business to help you scale.

Now that you understand the power of writing a compelling Ad Copy, the next step we will talk about is…

#3 The Creative Part

fb ads elementsFacebook ads are similar to regular websites in the sense that you can have different types of variations, each one with its own creative layout.   

Guess what made you stop scrolling through your newsfeed? What made you look? Here is your answer…

The creative part of your ads!

You see, it is crucial to get your prospects to notice first the ad you’re running before you can get them to click through.  

While Facebook Ad Copy is the most important part because this is what creates the connection with your prospects to take action…

 …the creative’s role on the other hand is to be the attention-grabber.

With a poor image or videos on your ad, there’s a good chance that they will just keep on scrolling despite how beautiful the message is.

Interestingly, it says that Facebook containing good images gets more than 150% of the likes on average than posts without images. 

It basically increases the chance of exposure when you do it in such a way that captures the attention of your target audience. 


The most common types you see are “Image Ads”, “Slideshow Ads”, and Video Ads”.

So when creating ads with these images it is important to consider providing value so they end up clicking through your ad.

Is your intention to entertain through these images? That’s giving value.

Is it to educate? Still, it’s providing value. You get what I mean, yes? 

Now, speaking of creatives, we discussed Ad Design Secrets that are proven to increase Ad conversion to one of our blogs, you can check it right here.



Beating out your competitors isn’t a walk in the park, but it doesn’t have to be if you incorporate these elements of high-converting Facebook ads. 

If and only if, you do it right.

Targeting will make sure that the right people are seeing your ad.

Creative will ensure that they actually click on your Ad.

Compelling Ad Copy will keep them engaged until they buy from you.

So, if your ads don’t perform the way you want to despite how beautiful your products are, it’s probably because one of the Three Elements is not optimized.

Does this sound so easy?

Listen, if nothing is done to optimize these, you will keep on spending a bunch of cash on ads that don’t convert. And you do not want that for sure.

That said if you want to take your Facebook advertising game up a notch and you’re considering getting some help…

And if any of these three areas lack in your current strategy or sound like something you need help with…Good news!


We can put together an expert-driven marketing plan for you that is proven to improve all aspects of your digital marketing efforts through our ‘done for you’ services.  

We don’t let you settle for having ‘good ads’ when we are confident that our strategy will help you get better results.  Take it from one of our clients by checking the >> story here


As I wrap up, one important question I should ask you…

What’s one thing you’ve done in the past year to improve conversion rates?

We would love to hear from you, so leave your comment below.


Quick Evolve Team