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How can I drive more traffic to my eCommerce store?

The thought of increasing eCommerce website traffic is an important thing for online entrepreneurs. Without good traffic, an online store will not be able to increase its conversion, boost its sale, and earn a good amount of profit.

If an entrepreneur has invested his time and efforts to build a fantastic website, and displayed amazing products at his online store, without massive traffic, it will all be vain.

So, if you have recently launched your eCommerce store and want to drive organic traffic to your website, or if you are struggling to generate more traffic, this article is for you.

In today’s article, we will talk about some effective tips to help you generate more organic traffic on your online store and convert more visitors into your customers.

Here are the 10 effective methods to drive high quality website traffic to your ecommerce business:

1. Start Blogging

The first way to drive traffic to your store is to create content and publish blogs on your website. Writing blog posts allows you to use keywords and keyword phrases in the content. The proper usage of keywords in your content will help your potential audience to find you through the search engine result pages.

The search engine pioneer; Google, receives 3.8 million search queries every single minute across the globe. It means that if your content is optimized properly, Google can send a good amount of traffic to the store.

Create unique, interesting, and informative content for your targeted audience. Include the keywords that your targeted buyers might use to find the products or services you are selling. However, do not overstuff your content with keywords. Your blog posts should be valuable and interesting for people.

Make your blog posts so amazing that it hooks the people to your website and tempt them to explore it more.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Marketing your brand is a crucial element for the business’s success. People will become your customers when they know about you and your products. If your targeted audience is oblivious to your existence, how will they visit your website, let alone become your customers?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on advertising and promoting your brand. You can leverage the power of social networking sites to increase your brand awareness, grow your followers, attract the right audience, and increase website traffic.

Social media has currently 3.96 billion users worldwide. The number is sure to increase in the future. It means that joining and staying active on social media is vital if a business wants to succeed and beat its competitors.

Stay active on social media. Create interesting content to grow your followers and awareness of your brand. When people will learn about your existence in the market, they will visit your website to learn more about you.

3. Drive Excitement By Hosting Giveaways

Hosting giveaways and contests is a wonderful way to increase your brand awareness, grow your social media following, and increase traffic on your website.

People love participating in social media giveaways and contests to win amazing prizes. Host a giveaway and keep a simple set of rules for your participants, or else people will not participate.

Ask your participants to tag their friends in the comment section, or share the giveaway post on their stories. It will boost your engagement and help you to reach a wider audience.

Or you can run a contest and invite people to share their pictures while using your product. The more people participate, the more your brand will be promoted to a larger audience. When people learn about a brand and if its products interest the audience, they visit the website to explore more products and their features.

4. Collaborate With Instagram Influencers

Instagram is a widely used social networking site by youngsters and people in their twenties or thirties. It is highly visual and can prove to be an excellent tool for marketing your brand and boosting your e-commerce sales.

Collaborating with key influencers of your niche can help your brand to reach thousands of new audiences and lure them into visiting your website.

Did you know that 71% of marketers believe the traffic generated by influencer marketing is better than other marketing channels?

Instagram influencers have a large following and their followers consider their recommendations and suggestions when it comes to buying or using a product.

Search for an influencer whose ideas resonate with your brand. Collaborate with him/her by sending your product samples, and ask them to talk about your products, their features, benefits, etc. on his/her platform.

When followers see their favorite influencer raving about a product, they try to get their hands on that product by visiting the website to place the order.

5. Leverage The Power Of ‘Sales’

Reduced prices, deals and bundles, and sales work wonders to boost eCommerce website traffic and its revenue.

Holding sales and offering deals is the most effective way to tempt people to visit your website and avail of products at reduced prices.  However, make sure that you announce a sale on your social media profiles and/or by paid ads. When people will learn about a sale they will excitedly enter your online store to for indulging in some retail therapy.

You can also create limited-time offers to make people hurry up and visit your website. It can also prove to be a great tactic for boosting sales. Limited-time offers create an emergency and people do not take long to decide about purchasing the goods.

6. Try Email Marketing

If people have subscribed to your newsletter by providing you with their emails, make the most out of it. Do not collect email addresses just to grow your list. Use it effectively to send out the latest news and offers to your customers and invite them to check out your store.

You can use email marketing to announce the new arrivals of goods at your store, about an upcoming sale, special discounts, or informing them about the new blog post that you have published on your website.

To make it more effective and leave no option for your subscribers other than to visit your store, provide them with a special discount code or coupon which they can use at the checkout process to get a gift or discount. Make sure to keep the coupon valid for a few hours or days to make the customer hurry up and visit your store.

7. Use Referral Marketing

Would you believe in a marketing campaign more or a recommendation by your friend?

81% of people trust the recommendation of their friends more than the advertisement. You can use referral marketing to turn your loyal customers into your brand advocates and welcome more people to your website.

You can create a referral program where you reward your customer if they refer your products or services to a friend or family member. Or you can ask your customers to leave their reviews on your social profiles and website to entice other people to visit your store and buy your products.

In addition, you can also invite your customers to leave a video testimonial to get a discount voucher or an amazing gift from the company.

A customer that a company gains through a referral has a 25% higher lifetime value than other buyers.

8. Optimize Site Speed

Optimize Site SpeedImproving the website’s speed is an important element to optimize SEO.

If a website takes forever to load, the users will hit the back button of the browser to exit the site and log on to the one that is quick to load. When people exit the website right after they land, it increases its bounce rate, which is not good for SEO.

Google endeavors to provide the best experience to its users. It doesn’t rank the website with an increased bounce rate higher on the result pages. Hence, speed up your web pages’ loading time to increase your ranking and visibility on the result pages.

9. Be Responsive

Cellphones are no longer a luxury item, instead, they’ve become a necessity in our fast-paced life. People use their smartphones for communication, entertainment, and even for shopping.

Did you know that in the last six months more than 79% of smartphone users shopped online by using their smartphone devices? Failure to optimize your website to cater to the needs of mobile users will make your website lose a good amount of traffic.

Ensure that your website is responsive to various devices and functions smoothly. If your website is built on WordPress or Shopify, select a mobile-friendly theme to provide a good experience to your mobile users.

10. Provide Excellent User Experience

This is the most important way to drive website traffic to your eCommerce business. Even if you apply all the above-mentioned tips and fail to optimize your website to provide an excellent user experience to your visitor, you will always struggle to generate hefty traffic.

Keep the layout of your website clean. Do not add unnecessary elements to clutter your web pages. Ensure that you have a search option at the main navigation menu to help your visitors search the products quickly.

Customers love to shop from the website that provided them with a good experience. Make sure to provide an unforgettable experience to your customers that they will not only remember but also talk about in their social circle.


The eCommerce industry is booming in the online world and is not fading away at any time. Many people are launching their online stores to sell goods and services online. It means that surviving in the competitive market has become more difficult than ever.

Luckily you don’t have to break a bank to generate more traffic to your online store. Even if you have little to no resources to boost the traffic, you can still beat your competitors and welcome massive traffic at your store.

By using the effective ways listed above, you can easily attract a lot of people to visit your site and become your customers.