Axel Laboratories

1. What challenges did you discover when you started working with Axel Laboratories

When Axel Laboratories reached out to Quick Evolve for guidance, their business was doing about $15,000 a month as a company that was 2 years old since conception. It was owned by 2 business partners based in Victoria, Australia. They were a business with big dreams of scaling their products because they had been able to bring very unique products to Australia.

The problem they had was their paid ads was not working for them on Facebook, Instagram so we were tasked to come in and help address this.

2. What strategies did you use?

Immediately we identified the following areas were not setup and configured:

  1. Facebook ads domain not verified
  2. Aggregated events not configured
  3. Facebook catalog not connected
  4. Facebook pixel issues
  5. Instagram profile not connected to business manager
  6. No remarketing setup via paid advertising
  7. No email marketing
  8. No lead generation
  9. No Google ads
  10. No google merchant centre
  11. No google analytics

While most agencies won’t go to this extent of investigating the root causes of their growth, this is where we are different. We know that spending money on ads is only one factor of success, there are many elements being omnichannel marketing, automation, configuration and conversion tracking. In the days of tracking being locked down we work hard to ensure tracking is as transparent as possible.

So as part of the onboarding working with the clients we were able to configure all 11 points as a baseline. They weren’t very confident in these areas so we had to break down the technical side for them and support them through the configuration of this. We believe in transparency so we make sure to set it up in a way so they have full control and make Quick Evolve as accountable as possible. This is something we take great pride in and clients love this as if you got nothing to hide, don’t hide it

So once these were setup we knew there was so much opportunity to grow and scale the brand.

Now that we had the back-end baseline set, the strategy for Facebook ads consisted of:

  1. New creatives for their top selling product being videos we got made for them
  2. Remarketing campaigns back to their top product
  3. Dynamic remarketing for all their products to maximize sales exposure
  4. Targetting men and women 18-44 in Australia with interests relating to the product

For Google ads we started with:

  1. Brand search campaign
  2. Gmail ads marketing
  3. Youtube ads marketing
  4. Search ads marketing
  5. Display ads marketing
  6. Performance max marketing

As google is a platform that takes 30 days, we wanted to get this setup using the best keywords. We use third party tools for this to help support this, to find the best keywords from their products and close competitors to give our clients the best start.

3. What happened after implementing the strategies?

Within 30 days went from $15,000 to $25,000 in sales and was able to reduce their cost per purchase. As you can see from the screenshot below in Google ads we see $8675 spent for $15.14 cost per purchase with a ROAS of 3.55. This means for every dollar they spent, they got $3.55 back which is exceptional.

With Facebook ads below we can see the purchases were coming in consistently which is what were aiming for, but the ROAS was lower that we would like. But we knew this is normal for Facebook ads due to the saturation, and as a starting point we were happy with this as was the client due to the budget and branding was 100% aligned. Adding to that the massive increase in revenue showed that the strategy was working. The 41 purchases was our remarketing campaign we setup, hence we set that up immediately.

4. What roadblocks did you experience along the way?

They had a variety of problems mainly listed above. But outside of that they had:

  1. Due to the products logistical problems we could only scale slowly
  2. The business was ordering more stock but during peak COVID caused many delays so we had to consistently change the products being marketed
  3. Facebook suspended the products a number of times due to it being in the health niche. We worked with our dedicated Facebook support specialist for Quick Evolve to make exceptions to these to help with scaling

Final Notes of Case Study with Quick Evolve for Dented Diva

Quick Evolve loves working with small, medium and large brands. All with their own challenges and hurdles and that is no different for Axel Laboratories. We worked closely with the business owners who needed guidance on marketing and business to help position their business as a leader in their niche while also teaching them the best business principles. Working closely with clients is our job, and we love to see them learn and we learn from them more about their product and passion on why they built their brand.

To hear their stories and support their dreams and visions of their brand is exciting to us always. Having increased their business by about 75% in 3 months we are looking forward to the next 3 months together and beyond. We will continue to optimize their paid ads, email marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing. All of these combined over the long term will help with sustainable growth.

A Few More Clients’ Testimonials

What Our Clients Say’s

"Working with Quick Evolve has always been simple and straightforward. Providing excellent support, ideas and continual improvements to my business to help grow and scale steadily."

Laughing pug

"Since working with Quick Evolve I have gone from $5,000 a month to over $50,000 a month consistently. With their help for all types of marketing including Facebook, Google, Bing, Email Marketing it has helped solidify my business. Them handling the marketing has allowed me to focus on customer service and product management which I enjoy the most. Thank you Quick Evolve."

Milkie Co

"I started working with Quick Evolve over 18 months ago and will never go back. From $30,000 a month to $100,000 a month I never dreamed possible. All while helping me build structure and stability in every part of my business even though my industry is extremely competitive. I'll always be working with Quick Evolve because of their ability to help me, and listen to feedback to further improve their services to their clients like me."

Jennifer Lay