Hey Mama

1. What challenges did you discover when you started working with Hey Mama?

Hey Mama is a brand of breastfeeding protein supplements that helps mothers increase their milk supply. It’s a very unique product with a very dedicated audience.

When we started working with Hey Mama, they were doing $3,000 a month in revenue and wanted to start growing their sales by September 2020. But due to the cost of the product and the pandemic when we began working with them, we were strictly required to stick to a very limited budget.

After doing a thorough evaluation of their Facebook ad account, we found out that they were not marketing at the platform at all. And they were relying solely on Instagram as their organic sales channel. We also discovered they were not running any Google ads. In addition, their store and funnel needed to be optimized, as well, to increase their customers’ lifetime value and sales.

Furthermore, though the client knew that marketing was the key to scaling to the next stage, they were not good at it. So, they decided to focus on the product and customer service of their business and enlisted Quick Evolve for their marketing.

In addition, the client was very specific about their brand requirements to ensure their customers are well supported

Lastly, the client only had a $100 daily budget for scaling their brand.

2. What strategies did you use?

Immediately, we knew that we had to remarket to their existing traffic to get cheap sales, and then scale the brand by running Facebook campaigns and Google Ads.

So, we made a strategy for the client’s first 30 days. We also informed the client that it would take three months for them to see substantial growth in the business. It’s because all tools must first be configured properly and then scaled slowly so their profit margins were maintained and could sustain new orders.

The strategy included the following:

  1. Setup the Facebook pixel, ad account, and catalogue to capture traffic, and then remarket via dynamic remarketing ads
  2. Make new creatives based on their existing content while testing audiences and creatives to reach new customers
  3. Setup Google ads, Google Merchant Centre and Google Analytics to capture the data and diversify the traffic sources while remarketing on the Google network
  4. Setup Google Shopping ads to acquire new customers
  5. Setup Google search ads to acquire new customers
  6. Enabled lead capture software and templates that Quick Evolve uses for clients
  7. Setup and configure SMS and Email marketing campaigns for more back-end revenue using Quick Evolve templates

To make sure that these were all set up properly for the long run, we worked closely with the client to ensure the process was transparent and done at the highest level possible. This would also help the brand’s consistent growth.

3. What happened after implementing the strategies?

Within a month of working with Quick Evolve, the business had a 65% increase in revenue. This was a result of more customers from remarketing and repeat customers.

The next month was even better. As the strategies started to come into play, we saw a 179% boost in revenue from the previous month.

This was the result of finding out which areas of the business were converting best.These included:

  1. Facebook ads catalogue dynamic remarketing
  2. Facebook ads cold traffic audiences and creatives
  3. Google Shopping ads products
  4. Google Search ads keywords
  5. SMS + Email remarketing templates

This is a screenshot from our SMS marketing campaign templates:

In conclusion, the strategy worked perfectly and allowed the business to go from $3000 to $15000 in less than 2 months of working with Quick Evolve. That is a 500% increase in growth within 2 months.

4. What roadblocks did you experience along the way?

The early days of starting a business are the hardest as everything takes time to be implemented, plus the fact that there are budget constraints. As part of the Facebook ads pixel implementation, we had to train the client on how to create it and bind it with a business manager for marketing. The same challenges arose when we set up and configure Google ads, Google Merchant Centre and Google Analytics.

These tools are fundamental to a business’s growth. This is why we have to ensure that the client gets adequate support every step of the way. Once the strategy was implemented, there were challenges in managing multiple platforms due to budget constraints. It was also a challenge in making sure that we get the best creatives, products and keywords possible given that we have no historical data.

These challenges, however, have been addressed by A/B testing and partnering with our client to ensure that the important areas of the business are prioritized. As identified, the most important areas were dynamic marketing, SMS+ email template integration and setup, and Google Shopping. These areas help in marketing the entire catalogue, which is very effective based on our research of the business niche.

Final Notes of Case Study with Quick Evolve for Hey Mama

Quick Evolve has been working with Hey Mama for over 6 months now. And it has been an amazing experience to witness a brand’s revenue grow from $3000 to over $59,000 a month.

The screenshot above shows how the sales, conversion rates, traffic, and repeat rates all continue to rise, highlighting the brand’s strength and its carefully aligned marketing efforts.

We can also see how Google ads were performing exceptionally during this period, supporting the business perfectly, while we realized new ways we could improve the business.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Hey Mama up to this day. And we are just as excited as they are to scale the brand to over $100k monthly. At this point, with all the strategies being implemented, there’s no doubt that the client can achieve this goal.



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A Few More Clients’ Testimonials

What Our Clients Say’s

"Working with Quick Evolve has always been simple and straightforward. Providing excellent support, ideas and continual improvements to my business to help grow and scale steadily."

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"Since working with Quick Evolve I have gone from $5,000 a month to over $50,000 a month consistently. With their help for all types of marketing including Facebook, Google, Bing, Email Marketing it has helped solidify my business. Them handling the marketing has allowed me to focus on customer service and product management which I enjoy the most. Thank you Quick Evolve."

Milkie Co

"I started working with Quick Evolve over 18 months ago and will never go back. From $30,000 a month to $100,000 a month I never dreamed possible. All while helping me build structure and stability in every part of my business even though my industry is extremely competitive. I'll always be working with Quick Evolve because of their ability to help me, and listen to feedback to further improve their services to their clients like me."

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