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One of the most common things we hear from our clients is how they can practically reach their target customers and get consistent sales. 

I always say that Youtube advertising is one of those powerful platforms they can leverage.  

As you are probably aware, customers nowadays are picky when looking for products…they want something that is more authentic with real lifestyle testimonials, and YouTube allows you to do just that. 

Well, this social media platform has more than 1 billion users visit each month.

video ad

Needless to say, if you advertise your offers the right way where everyone is watching… then the likelihood of bringing in a lot of traffic to your website to eventually convert them will significantly increase.

Now, if you’re here and you are one of the eCommerce business owners who is thinking of advertising on Youtube…

Whether you’re starting out or you’re finding ways to scale fast, you’re actually in the right place.

See, Youtube is one of the most used strategies for advertising by companies trying to reach customers through online marketing to promote their brand or products.

There are different kinds of targeting methods available such as demographic groups, interests, placements and remarketing lists which allow you to reach specific audiences based on who they are and what content they usually view.

While you can find many free Youtube video tutorials that promise to achieve results, you have to be very careful when using them because some of them might not work out for your particular business.

This post will guide you on how to create engaging YouTube Ads for your eCommerce business that will literally compel your potential customers to act and as a result, you can maximize conversions through Youtube ads.

That said, here are the 5 simple tips you can practically apply immediately.

Tip #1: Include a Video on your Ad

If your target customers are watching YouTube videos all day long on their phones, then what better way for them to be engaged than with a video ad?

You’ve probably heard that including a video in your YouTube ads will increase the click-through rate to your website. And, it’s true. 

Video Marketing for eCommerce is the best way to go if you want to build trust that will make your audience click and go to your website. 

You can easily show your product in action and show how it will improve someone’s life that will make them want whatever it is you are selling.

In fact, there’s a study saying that 84% of consumers are convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

This is because of how we respond psychologically when watching video vs. static assets such as images and text.  

Video is a much more immersive experience and often performs better than most other display ads. 

It is also a great way to reach a targeted audience

…but you have to remember that for your video ads to be effective, you need to make sure you are speaking directly and clearly to your prospects. 

If not they will just end up skipping that ad. 

Reaching your target market is the most important part here. 

Your goal is to sell to a specific type of audience because the moment you try to sell to everyone, you will end up selling to no one. 

So if you want to attract people, drive them to your website and then convert them into buyers, you’ll need a high-quality sales video on YouTube.  

What you can do is to create YouTube Ads that are engaging by simply using music or something that tells a story in order to engage people’s emotions. 

YouTube ads that include music or stories are going to be much more effective than YouTube ads without them.


Tip #2: Consider using an Animated video

Are you selling a product with specific benefits and it’s not easy to explain through text?

If your answer is yes, then explainer product videos are perfect for you to use. 

An Animated video will help to explain complex issues in a way that is easy for YouTube users to understand. 

The better you can explain your products using an animated video, the more likely it will be for someone to purchase from you.

Illustrations through animated videos are proven to be effective if you want to hit your buyer’s emotion like you want your products and eventually buy them.

It becomes even more effective if the illustrations are clear for everyone who sees it.

Remember, your target audience shouldn’t have to study what you have drawn just to see the benefits of your product. 

In our world now where everything is instant,  a lot of people want to receive everything FAST.

That includes information in the quickest way possible.

In fact, they say that visual information gets to the human brain 60,000 times faster than text. 

So as a business owner who wants to market your products out there, you can take advantage of this natural tendency of humans. 

That way, you can also keep your business relevant in an age where we are technologically advanced. 


Tip #3: Use Keywords and Phrases Relevant to your Product

Keywords and phrases are important in YouTube ads because they use them to categorize videos. 

If you want your video to show up in certain categories,  relevant keywords and phrases are needed.

By using the right words when writing your YouTube ad’s title, description, and tags for example “iPhone case” instead of just iPhone or cases, you’re going to increase your YouTube ad’s relevance and your conversion rates.

It doesn’t matter how well your video is created or how much money you spend promoting it… if the keyword matching isn’t there on the YouTube ad creation page, then no clicks are going to your YouTube Ad. 

It’s basically because, with poor phrases and keywords matching, it will be hard for your target customers to find you.

Do you see how it’s all interconnected about reaching your target audience? It will always be about putting your offer to the right market. 

Now, you need to understand that using keyword matching powerfully at YouTube ad creation helps ads appear more often on search results. 

This can be particularly effective if you use Google Adwords advertising on top of YouTube ads. 

There are a few tools you can use to help with YouTube keyword research.

  • Hypersuggest
  • Wordtracker
  • Kparser


Tip #4: Create a Clear Call-to-Action 

youtube cta

At the end of your Youtube Ads, whether it’s a video of yourself explaining, an animated video explainer, or a pure text type of Ad, there’s one thing you don’t need to forget.

That is to tell viewers what they should do next

A clear CTA should be strong enough to compel your audience to actually do something.  

When coming up with a strong CTA you would include in your ad, you need to know what you want them to do first.

It should be short and simple, but it needs to tell people exactly what they need to do for you if they want the product being advertised.


Questions you can consider asking are: 

Do you want your audience to go to your website or landing page?  Or perhaps you want them to go straight to your products page? 

You see, a clear Call To Action helps you move your potential customers from one stage of their journey to another.

As far as your sales process is concerned, it allows you to move from being ‘warm’ to ‘hot’ or maybe even from cold to warm and hot. 

Now, since most of the time the goal for an eCommerce business is to sell your offers, then you have to put so much importance to make your Call to Action very persuasive, otherwise, your ads will not convert. 


Tip #5: Test Different Videos 

YouTube users are constantly searching YouTube for new videos, so they may see your video ad on different days. 

The goal of your video ads shouldn’t be just to get views, it should be to get views that turn into conversions. You can increase the number of videos that lead to conversions simply by testing different video placements, ad copy, and ideas.

You can simply do it by testing on different days and seeing which one converts better. Though there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to video ads, you need to test out different types of videos and formats until you perfect the combination that converts the best for your business. 

The more you test YouTube ads, the better conversion rates will be because people won’t get tired of viewing them after seeing them too many times in a row.

Additional Tip: 

Since we’re talking about advertising, it means there’s an advertising cost involved here. 

And the more control you have with YouTube, the better conversion is possible.

Costs associated with YouTube advertising will allow you to make sure your budget is staying within control and not getting out of hand. 

So you better keep track of all costs associated with running ads on Youtube, that way you know how much money is being spent each time it’s used as a marketing channel.


If you want to create highly engaging Youtube ads and maximize your conversion, you just simply follow the effective and proven practices I discussed above. 

First and foremost, it’s important to include an engaging video in your ad to increase the likelihood of conversion.

The second is considering using an animated video if you’re selling something that is difficult to explain with text alone.

Third, use keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product’s service when creating the title, description, and tags for your video. This will help increase YouTube ads’ relevance and conversion rates.

A strong CALL TO ACTION  will be helpful to tell viewers what they should do next.

And finally, Testing different videos on different days to see which one converts better. 

By now, you know that Youtube advertising can be a powerful tool to boost sales by influencing the target customers to take action, I’d like to hear from you…

When it comes to running ads on youtube, what’s your single biggest challenge, and which among the five you’d like to apply soon?


Leave your comment below!


Quick Evolve Team