Dented Diva

1. What challenges did you discover when you started working with Dented Diva

Dented Diva is an acrylic earrings brand that has been featured on TV shows in Australia. The business owner was doing consistent revenue through Instagram organic sales, but wanted to scale using paid ads to support her brand’s growth.

She knew that to scale the company she needed to use Facebook ads and Google ads on top of organic to get consistent stable revenue. Her problem is without sales on Instagram the daily revenue would drop 90%, so that is where we came into the equation!

2. What strategies did you use?

With the client already having a beautiful brand, we worked with the client to ensure the brand guide we had covered both ad copy and creatives. In a competitive environment we live in, your brand identity is something no one can ever take. Your name, colours, typography, and messaging, are all keys to standing out in the crowd and selling your products like no other.

We knew this was very critical and as part of our onboarding, we get all that information down to what they do for lunch. We use this to correlate demographics and their buyer persona to ensure all marketing is 100% branded to represent the brand perfectly, like our own brand.

In terms of technicalities, like with all clients, we go through the following areas:

  1. Facebook ads
  2. Google ads
  3. Email marketing
  4. Conversion tracking
  5. Google tag manager
  6. Google analytics
  7. Google merchant centre
  8. Shopify automation flow management

We know how the real money isn’t from launching an ad and hoping it works out. That doesn’t work anymore. It is all about analytics, integrations and back-end automations to help bring customers back time and time again to boost AOV, LTV, Conversion rates and daily revenue

We also then defined the products to start with on Facebook ads, setup remarketing campaigns for the top performing products and dynamic remarketing. We did this all with the client for approval of all copy and creatives to ensure there are no mistakes.

While doing that we setup abandoned cart email flows in email marketing integrated with Shopify that we manage for the client too.

Once the products were eligible for Google we pushed shopping campaigns being Performance max campaigns to use gmail, youtube, display, search and shopping ads to maximize exposure.

3. What happened after implementing the strategies?

From the screenshot on Shopify below we can see revenue immediately increased. We see that revenue within a month increased 43%, which is huge. Traffic up 42%, returning customers reduced due to our marketing acquiring new customers, increased conversion rate even with new cold traffic, and orders up 48%.

With Facebook ads below we can see the purchases were coming in consistently which is what were aiming for, but the ROAS was lower that we would like. But we knew this is normal for Facebook ads due to the saturation, and as a starting point we were happy with this as was the client due to the budget and branding was 100% aligned. Adding to that the massive increase in revenue showed that the strategy was working. The 41 purchases was our remarketing campaign we setup, hence we set that up immediately.

However, we see the big winner was Google ads. After the configuration, starting the campaigns and optimizing them under Quick Evolve we can see the conversion rates are significantly higher than Facebook ads. We see the average cost per purchase of $11.46 and 5.06%.

This is because of Quick Evolve’s unique omnichannel marketing strategy while being in the top 1% of Google ads marketers in the world. We always use the best strategies and you can see that reflected in all the testing that we see the best campaigns being scaled during that month.

We made sure to use the budget as the client requested too, to ensure budget was maintained while increasing revenue.

4. What roadblocks did you experience along the way?

The biggest roadblock was the fact that none of the marketing platforms or back-end was optimized. We identified this in the onboarding quickly when the client informed us. Most agencies don’t like to help clients fix their back-end, but we pride ourselves on the best experience for our clients to ensure their business is well supported for the short, medium and long term.

So we made sure all platforms were setup and with conversion tracking too to ensure the brand is aligned for growth. We are a growth agency, so we know the importance of this for any brand.

We knew the brand had a great organic following and was devoted, so we made sure to identify the best converting product on shopify to ensure we market that firstly.

Throughout the heavy scaling we had to change products multiple times as she ran out of stock. As they are handmade, it takes time and she wasn’t expecting such an influx of new orders so we simply chose the second best product analytically and repeat this. This way it ensures the business always has the best chance of success.

Final Notes of Case Study with Quick Evolve for Dented Diva

Quick Evolve loves working with Dented Diva and appreciates the opportunity to contribute to your existing success only to make it better. Since working together was able to scale the business long term(6 months) over 30% still which is huge from before. Now she has more orders than ever, and understands the importance of paid marketing working with Quick Evolve.

We continue to work with Dented Diva to help her long term growth, and plan to continue to implement the latest marketing techniques including Tiktok ads, more email marketing, Search engine optimization and influencer marketing. These will further push her ahead of the competition so she never falls behind. We do this all in-house as our clients are the highest priority to us, and we know by doing this clients win, we win. SImple.

What Our Clients Say

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Joey G
Joey G
My business was going under and Quick Evolve has since tripled our average yearly revenue. Hand to heart I swear by them.
Daniel Hersee
Daniel Hersee
10/10 would recommend to any business owner looking for a marketing agency that gets REAL TANGIBLE results. Theo and the team have done amazing work and you can't fault them. Great communication, genuine love and care for our business and the results are mind blowing. If your business is ready for growth then these are the people to partner with. Do it before they help your competitors!
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen
Theo, Ricky and his talented team are the most caring marketing group. They strive for other businesses to succeed and will go above and beyond to assist your business needs. I love meeting and chatting with them, discussing about the direction of my business and most importantly, to grow. Keep up with the good work!
Peter Stavrou
Peter Stavrou
Excellent! Quick Evolve are truly Facebook Ad experts!
Minas Grapsas
Minas Grapsas
Awesome service, great results. If it is results you're after, i highly recommend Quick Evolve.
Phillip Stephanou
Phillip Stephanou
The team at Quick Evolve have been second to none! Amazing knowledge, service and overall experience! I thank them for all that my business has become online!! Don't bother looking elsewhere!
Villain Crew
Villain Crew
Just wanted to say thank to the Quick Evolve team and Theo helping with our marketing. They were able to identify a strategy that has made my Shopify store very profitable. I highly recommend Theo and his team 👍