Laughing Pug Australia

1. What challenges did you discover when you started working with Laughing Pug Australia?

When we started with Laughing Pug Australia, they were doing about $1,000-$1,500 a day in revenue as a Coffee Business Startup. However, we learned the client relied entirely on Facebook ads to drive traffic to the landing page funnel which offers free samples.

This sample was a Free + Shipping offer, valued at $7.95. The landing page is here

By offering this deal, they hoped to entice customers to love their product and purchase other established items from their brand.

However, the problem with this model is its tight margins due to the rising costs of Facebook ads. This increase is due to competition and general expenses. Therefore, we need to find a way to scale his free + shipping sales while reducing his cost per purchase.

Initially, they spent $300 per day with a cost per purchase of $9, which wasn’t breakeven. The client needed to justify the offer and grow the company profitably.

Also, the client’s concern was getting the sale at the cheapest possible price and maximizing the lifetime value of his customer as a way to grow his business.

And when we dug deeper, we discovered that the client was not using Google Ads.

Furthermore, their funnels, ads, and even their website, which were crucial to helping the business achieve more sales and function at its best, were not optimized.

2. What strategies did you use?

We knew the solutions to this problem were:

  1. New creatives to test as they never tested new creatives
  2. Testing new audiences regularly to find untapped sales
  3. Testing creatives in new placements like stories for example
  4. Optimizing his site for sales using Debutify, a high converting Shopify theme
  5. Expanding his marketing platforms to Google ads
  6. Expanding to Bing Ads (currently known as Microsoft ads)
  7. Optimizing his Shopify store with remarketing techniques in SMS that are very high converting with our templates

As soon as we knew what had to be done, we started to work closely with the client. We assisted, trained, and educated them about the best approach suitable for their business.

This is exactly what we did

  1. Our Facebook ads team leveraged the creatives of the client to launch new ads, video ads, and image ads with the help of our internal creative/graphics team.
  2. We also optimized his Facebook ads campaign structure for optimal sales, structure, and profitability
  3. After 2-4 days of testing, we discovered the best type of creative that works for the client was video.
  4. We then continued to make more videos (similar to the winning video) to reduce his cost per purchase on Facebook
  5. Just after a week of consistently using this strategy, the cost per purchase went from $9 to $7. The screenshot below shows lifetime sales reflecting this and increased ROAS through an improved marketing funnel.

6. While doing this we enabled an SMS remarketing app. This helped reduce abandoned carts for the company. Screenshot below

7. We then installed Debutify, a high converting theme that increases load times and conversion rates. This helped on average increase conversions by 30%. We also helped the client transition from the old theme to the new one for free as part of this commitment.

8. We set up the client’s Google Ads, Google Merchant Centre, and Google Analytics to take advantage of the untapped power of Google ads. The results were astonishing. And this ensures omnichannel support at all times and is continually improving.

9. Bing is an undervalued advertising platform similar to Google’s search engine but is very inexpensive. We implemented this to help with remarketing and again the results are astonishing. This has helped him to grow month-on-month while also growing the profit margins.

3. What roadblocks did you experience along the way?

The first roadblock we faced was the inconsistency with Facebook.

We addressed this by optimizing his store, his remarketing, and his Google ads. We also implemented Google Tag Manager for the client to improve tracking and to keep everything centralized in a single place.

Next, we helped the client with their email marketing, which was not being used as effectively before.

However, after resolving their technical problems and integrating email marketing into their marketing strategy, email marketing now drives the highest ROI in their business.

Another roadblock was getting Google ads moving, which requires time, but now it’s consistently improving ROAS.

Prior to working with Quick Evolve, the client was not aware of what metrics need to be monitored.

This was one thing that we made clear prior to starting working with them.

And throughout the process, we had consistent meetings and provided support to the client to address all the roadblocks.

Also, In order to ensure complete transparency, we use automated reporting tools. By doing so, we were able to provide 100% transparent reporting to the client on the health of their business at any time.

4. What was the end result of the client to date?

Today, the business has gone from $1000-$1500 a day to an average of $4000-$5000 daily. And it is growing consistently with only a 30% increase in ad spend for the client collectively.

The ROAS has increased from 1.0 before to collectively a 5.0 ROAS across all platforms, too. Now, the client can put more income into his products, new products, and staff to help the business grow.

Please see the current screenshot below:

In addition, he has opened a New Zealand branch which we are also doing the marketing for >> www.thelaughingpugnz

Here is their Facebook ads for Laughing Pug NZ

Here is their Google ads for Laughing Pug NZ:

Here is their store sales revenue:

The business continues to grow, and even during the pandemic has outperformed its competitors without difficulty. This comes from a dedicated team using best practices and structure to ensure the client never falls behind.

Final Notes of Case Study with Quick Evolve for Laughing Pug AU and Laughing Pug NZ:

This is a prime example of the commitment that Quick Evolve provides to clients that no other agency does.

From our resources, structure, and commitment to excellence, we have taken the client’s multiple brands to new levels while reducing ad spend, and increasing profit margins 100% transparently.

We have very much enjoyed the challenge that has come from growing this business and the results that have come from it.

Now, the client wants to generate $200,000 a month in sales in 12 months.

And we believe we are in a great position to help him achieve that. With all the marketing tools firmly in place, his brand is guaranteed to grow even further.

What Our Clients Say

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Joey G
Joey G
My business was going under and Quick Evolve has since tripled our average yearly revenue. Hand to heart I swear by them.
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Daniel Hersee
10/10 would recommend to any business owner looking for a marketing agency that gets REAL TANGIBLE results. Theo and the team have done amazing work and you can't fault them. Great communication, genuine love and care for our business and the results are mind blowing. If your business is ready for growth then these are the people to partner with. Do it before they help your competitors!
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen
Theo, Ricky and his talented team are the most caring marketing group. They strive for other businesses to succeed and will go above and beyond to assist your business needs. I love meeting and chatting with them, discussing about the direction of my business and most importantly, to grow. Keep up with the good work!
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Peter Stavrou
Excellent! Quick Evolve are truly Facebook Ad experts!
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Minas Grapsas
Awesome service, great results. If it is results you're after, i highly recommend Quick Evolve.
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Phillip Stephanou
The team at Quick Evolve have been second to none! Amazing knowledge, service and overall experience! I thank them for all that my business has become online!! Don't bother looking elsewhere!
Villain Crew
Villain Crew
Just wanted to say thank to the Quick Evolve team and Theo helping with our marketing. They were able to identify a strategy that has made my Shopify store very profitable. I highly recommend Theo and his team 👍