Milkie Co

1. What challenges did you discover when you started working with Milkie Co?

Milkie Co. is a women’s accessory brand that offers products to help women in their daily lives. These include diffusers, customized badges, lanyards, and more.

When we started with Milkie Co, the business was doing about $200 a day in revenue consistently for over 6 months but was not able to scale. It’s because their marketing was entirely reliant on their Instagram fans buying the company’s products.

While the business owner knew that marketing was the key to scaling to the next level, she was not able to do so as she had no prior experience on how to implement it. As a result, there was no Facebook, Google setup or remarketing opportunities undertaken on the store to take advantage of sales.

Next, the client only had a budget of $3000 a month or $100/day for adspend.

And lastly, the client wanted to achieve a revenue of $1,000 daily within 3 months. A complete leap from their current sales volume.

These were the major challenges of Milkie Co that we must overcome with the client in order to exponentially increase their sales revenue.

2. What strategies did you use?

Now that we have a better understanding of the challenges of the business, we were able to devise a comprehensive strategy for the company. This includes:

  1. Implement Facebook ads pixel and catalogue for remarketing
  2. Determine the highest converting product on the store to be individually marketed using Facebook ads
  3. Optimize the store using Debutify theme for enhanced sales
  4. Optimize the remarketing from the store through SMS and Email marketing techniques using our templates
  5. Optimize the store for lead capture improvements for further email marketing opportunities
  6. Implement Google merchant centre, Google analytics and Google Ads to diversify the business.
  7. Scale adspend by 20% month-on-month, as results improve

Using this strategy, we knew it would take about 1-2 months to identify the best products and the best creatives. And during this time, we continue to work closely with the client to help identify further problems so we could immediately address them.

3. What happened after implementing the strategies?

As soon as the strategy was implemented, sales in the business increased by 41% in the following month

This came from implementing and optimizing:

  1. Facebook ads cold and remarketing techniques
  1. Google ads cold and remarketing techniques
  1. Installing and configuring Debutify theme for larger average order value and returning customers
  2. Installing SMS + Email remarketing templates into the business to help drive more sales

By month 3 we had continued scaling the brand to over $11,132.63 in sales

At this post, we could already see Milkie Co’s potential for continued growth. In fact, it took just 3 short months for the business to grow from a one-woman team to a team of three.

And during the COVID-19 crisis, Milkie Co experienced dramatic but sustainable growth. As a result, the client agreed to significantly increase adspend to keep driving more sales. And by the end of July, the business had generated over $28,000 of sales volume.

4. What roadblocks did you experience along the way?

As a starting business, the main roadblocks involved getting the technical side of the business set up from:

  1. Facebook ads pixel integration
  2. Facebook ads catalogue integration
  3. Google ads conversion tracking configuration
  4. Google Analytics configuration setup
  5. Google merchant centre approval and automation configuration
  6. SMS marketing channel and email marketing channel
  7. Google Tag Manager for centralized conversion tracking
  8. Implementation of Debutify to the customers brand image and layout took time and consistent feedback from the client

As soon as the technical side was set up, it was time to identify the highest converting creatives and placements that would help scale the business profitably.

As we worked with Milkie CO, we learned what works best for their business:

  1. For Facebook marketing, Instagram stories ads convert best
  2. Due to the large catalogue, dynamic remarketing consistently converted the best
  3. Google ads were converting consistently and very profitable due to high intent keywords and great marketing strategy
  4. SMS + Email marketing templates were consistently driving remarketing sales and improving the lifetime value of the customers of the business
  5. Debutify helped increase conversion rates by 30% consistently and drive down costs from additional apps and integration problems

Final Notes of Case Study with Quick Evolve for Milkie CO:

Taking a small business that stagnated at $200 a day and turning it into a $1000 a day business, with multiple employees and a warehouse for future orders, is an exceptional outcome for Milkie CO.

Also, Milkie CO is the perfect example of how we helped a small startup business implement a high converting marketing strategy. With this, it enabled the business to sustainably grow by 20-30% month-on-month even in a highly competitive environment.

As of today, the business is making more than $1,000 a day consistently with higher customer loyalty and conversion rates.

This is what makes Quick Evolve unique. Unlike most marketing agencies that provide service in just a single area, Quick Evolve is a full-service digital marketing provider. We help clients in all areas of their business and pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide.

Quick Evolve took over the email marketing for Milkie Co in December 2021, putting a real emphasis on consistency with campaigns and implementing the key core flows which were not yet in place but are guaranteed to provide results when running effectively.

Before QE Management:

November 2021 Total Email Revenue – $6,691 (13% of total business revenue)

December 2021 Total Email Revenue (with QE using Klaviyo) – $6,032 (19% of total business revenue)

In Month 1 we increased the amount of revenue that was generated from campaigns, laying out a clear content calendar plan which would take us into the new year with a healthy and balanced plan to increase revenue across the board through the power of email marketing.

March 2022 Total Email Revenue

By March we had more than doubled Milkie Co’s revenue from email marketing, with the big shifts coming from:

– Migrating the client’s Pop-Up into Klaviyo to begin split testing and controlling the process on how we generate new leads and prospects
– Adding in a solid Welcome Series to nurture new customers and showcasing Best Sellers and providing their welcome offer in a clear way (a crucial flow which the client did not have in place and something that QE would pick up on with your brand straightaway and ensure you are making money with the fundamentals)
– Being super consistent with campaigns in line the client’s goals, key events, product launches and creative input from Quick Evolve in terms of what works well to generate revenue via email

Client Pop-Up Example

Since the middle of March 2022 we have added over 1,500 new email subscribers for our client, leading to large amounts of new business and happy customers!


This gives you a snapshot of the important work that can be done with your business with regards to email marketing. It’s important to remember that it takes times to get results and although we can implement things straight off the bat and get some fast wins after we start managing email for you, longevity and consistency is key here if you want to see long-term results and take the strain away from your other, more expensive marketing channels.

Quick Evolve are dedicated to consistent, conquering creativity that aligns with your brand and overall business goals. We are on hand to facilitate new product launches, specific sales or offers related to your business as well as general brand-building campaigns presented to you in a neat content calendar. All of this sits alongside our ongoing management of your Sitewide Pop-Up as we build your email list, plus creation and optimisation of your email flows, focussing on nurturing and conversions.

Ready to free up your time and explode your email channel with Quick Evolve? Get in touch today!

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Korganika TM
Korganika TM
Thank you again for the tremendous transformation you have made with my business in the short time since you've taken over. 🎉
Nick Evangelidis
Nick Evangelidis
Finally an agency that actually does as they say! I own a supplement company and have previously worked with 2 highly regarded digital marketing agency’s. I almost gave up all together as I was getting charged ridiculously high fees for no greater result then I was able to achieve myself. Theo and quick evolve came recommended from a friend so I gave him a shot. My business since working with Theo and the team has improved substantially and not only that, they are contactable when I need them, they actually listen and work with me not just as they feel necessary. Highly recommended if you’re serious about growing your business and want to work with good people
Nikolaos Tzoutzidis
Nikolaos Tzoutzidis
Theo and the team at quick evolve have changed my life for good. Transformed the way my business runs and are a team of total professionals. If you're looking for an agency that actually delivers serious results, look no further. Would not trust any one else. Cheers Quick Evolve 👍
Maria Kyriopoulos
Maria Kyriopoulos
Quick Evolve has helped me grow my business. I had built my business to the best of my ability, but with their assistance they have made a big difference in my sales! Very responsive and work well with me! (STAMP IT By Miss M)
Jonno If
Jonno If
Had a terrible experience with Ricky
Joey G
Joey G
My business was going under and Quick Evolve has since tripled our average yearly revenue. Hand to heart I swear by them.
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen
Theo, Ricky and his talented team are the most caring marketing group. They strive for other businesses to succeed and will go above and beyond to assist your business needs. I love meeting and chatting with them, discussing about the direction of my business and most importantly, to grow. Keep up with the good work!
Peter Stavrou
Peter Stavrou
Excellent! Quick Evolve are truly Facebook Ad experts!
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Minas Grapsas
Awesome service, great results. If it is results you're after, i highly recommend Quick Evolve.
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Phillip Stephanou
The team at Quick Evolve have been second to none! Amazing knowledge, service and overall experience! I thank them for all that my business has become online!! Don't bother looking elsewhere!