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Facebook ads have been around for a long time and have proven ad effectiveness when used correctly.
Especially if you know how to optimise these three elements for maximum conversions.
Still, there are millions of people using Facebook and not getting an expected return on investment (ROI).
Today we’ll look at some of the most common Facebook ad mistakes you must avoid.

1. Choosing the wrong goal.

Facebook ads succeed when you know exactly what you want them to do.
This will allow you, at the very start of the process of setting them up, to decide what objective you will pursue.
When you choose the wrong objective, you’ll quickly find your Facebook ad not working because you will be shown the wrong metrics for success.

2. Choosing the wrong audience.

Another powerful advantage of Facebook ads is that you can finely tune your audience to ensure that your targeting is specific to your needs.
One of the biggest Facebook ads common mistakes is doing this improperly.
If you’re not targeting the people who will be most interested in what you have to offer, your ads are going to be ignored.

3. Making your audience far too broad.


Now, even if you know your target audience, it’s also entirely possible to be too broad.
This is another common reason for a Facebook ad not working—you’re trying to reach too many people who might not be very specifically interested in what you might be offering.
This means you spend more per click and see fewer conversions.

4. Your creatives aren’t too creative.

There’s nothing more boring than a stock photo.
When it comes to ads—not even just Facebook ads—nothing can render an ad worthless more than being boring – not just Facebook ads.
Sure, there are rules you need to follow when making a Facebook ad, but none truly limit your creativity. So make sure to customise your imagery to your audience’s liking.

5. Not using video.

Finally, a very common cause of a Facebook ad not working is because you don’t have an appealing or compelling call-to-action.
These CTAs are—at the end of your ads—what get your audience to do what you want them to do.
Be it visiting your website, booking a call, checking out your shop, and other key converting activities. So make your call-to-action clear and driving.
How do I fix Facebook ad errors?
Making sure to work these common reasons is undoubtedly the way to go—but there are many other reasons why your Facebook ads aren’t converting or working.
So it’s always best to get help from experts who know exactly what your Facebook ads need to convert and win.
You can also check out this handy Facebook Cheat Sheet to get you started.
There you have it!
Six reasons why your Facebook Ads don’t work. Are you making any of these mistakes?
Let us know in the comments below!