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When you’re just getting started in business, it can seem like such a daunting task to create and upload videos on YouTube.
Well, believe it or not. It’s not that complicated.
The process is time-consuming and requires some technical knowledge when you have your own youtube account.
That’s why many new businesses hire a video marketing agency to handle their YouTube strategy for them.
So you’ve been working hard on your business and have found some success.
youtube mobile
Perhaps you are here wondering if it’s now time to expand your marketing effort and start leveraging the power of Youtube marketing with the help of a video marketing agency.
If you haven’t considered YouTube marketing yet, we will help you understand why considering this platform is a crucial decision for any online brand.
Needless to say, you want to grow your business using every platform possible…
You want more customers and more revenue.
Listen, we recommend you start exploring YouTube Marketing.
The single biggest reason is that YouTube marketing has proven itself as one of the most effective ways to grow any company’s online presence.
In this blog post, we will go over Five of the Most Important reasons why you must hire a Video Marketing Agency.
Instead of doing it all yourself and relying on guesswork…
Now, let’s start, shall we?
The first factor why you must hire a youtube marketing agency is it helps you:

Reach More Customers

You see, YouTube has more than one billion users. It’s the second-largest search engine in the world.
As a business owner, it’s a no-brainer why you should take advantage of Youtube.
Your target audience is not difficult to reach here.
And it’s home to countless videos you can use for advertising.
Look, millions of people watch videos every day on youtube, and this trend will only rise with time.
It only makes sense that you’d want to tap into this massive audience, right?
Youtube marketing agencies can assist you to reach more customers because they have advanced services like video SEO optimization, video tagging, keyword research, and so on…
All these together help you optimize your videos for better rank in the search engines making it easy to find you on youtube or google.
Because of that one factor alone, if your business doesn’t already have an online presence through youtube then you are missing out big time.
Now, when it comes to increasing traffic on your website you must use internet marketing techniques.
This will allow you to optimize the conversion eventually.
That’s when video marketing comes into play.
It is an important part of the digital age that should not be overlooked.
A good video can do wonders for your business, but it requires a lot of work and knowledge to produce videos people will actually want to watch.
Social sharing helps spread awareness of your brand like wildfire across the internet.
That brings us to our next factor why you must hire a youtube marketing agency.

Improve Brand Image-Video Marketing

boos your youtube channelThis second factor why hiring an expert in Youtube Marketing matters simply because Video marketing has proven itself time after time as one of the best ways to build a brand image online.
Especially nowadays when there’s a bunch of doing video ads on their youtube channel.
Also, a video content creator can bring your brand to life.
Let’s face it…
We all get bored of reading posts sometimes and watching videos are much more engaging than just scrolling past them on social media feeds.
Youtube Marketing agency has a group of people who acts as video content specialists who will create engaging and entertaining content that will attract viewers and increase views on your channel.
See, it’s not surprising that video marketing is so effective.
YouTube reports that 80% of viewers are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video about it.
So, you have to choose a good Youtube marketing agency that knows how to create high-quality videos.
Those who can help you take advantage of this high-level engagement with your audience through video marketing techniques.
You need a team that specializes in video content creation.
One who knows how to increase brand awareness through running a successful campaign.
Look, when done right, video content has the ability to show off exactly what your company does, and video marketing helps you show your audience what makes your business unique.
It lets you share the personality of your brand while also focusing on selling products or services that will benefit them in some way.
If you’re new to Video Marketing or just want to improve on what you’ve been doing so far in your youtube channel, here are some important tips for helping to grow your social media presence by using the right strategy.

Be Consistent

One thing that kills most small businesses is inconsistency with their content marketing efforts. Each day they go “dark” and stop blogging, tweeting Facebook posting, or any other form of social media engagement for weeks at a time.
When they do finally return they have nothing interesting to say because nobody has heard from them in so long.

Make Your Video Content Relevant

Don’t just produce videos because they are cool, or you think you have to be on Youtube these days.
Only create videos that highlight your business’ value proposition, the ultimate benefit to the consumer.
Ask yourself what problem is this video solving? What question is it answering?
How does this help my customer in some way?

Pick a Youtube Channel and Stick with It

Again, consistency is key to making an impact on social media.
You need to pick the one youtube channel where all of your social media marketing activities will live and focus on building up a community thereby posting regularly and helping people who post questions get answers from other users whenever possible.
That way, it can help increase your brand awareness.

Create Vertical Videos

Google has stated that they will be favouring vertical videos over horizontal ones in the search results soon.
That means your video marketing will likely get a lot more views and visits simply because it fills up more of their precious screen real estate.
It also makes sense from a mobile perspective because we hold our phones vertically, not horizontally.

Use Annotations to Drive Traffic

Annotations are like links within the video itself that drive traffic back to your site.
You can link to anything you want (an e-commerce product for example), but make sure there is some context either before or after the annotation showing why viewers would want to click on it (talking about “click here” doesn’t help anyone).

Include a Call to Action

The main goal of your video marketing should be to make a sale, right?
So you need to ask for the sale at some point.
In YouTube videos, this is done by placing an annotation above the fold that says something like “Click here to watch full-length movie” or “Learn more about our product by clicking below”

Make it a Series

Instead of just creating one huge video taking up 45 minutes of viewer time, break things up into digestible chunks and spread them out over the course of several weeks or months.
You can have regular uploads on a schedule or even do live streams for real-time interactions with viewers while discussing related topics in real-life settings.
Then add these videos to a playlist and when you add them all together it creates an impressive series that keeps people coming back for more.
The third reason why hiring experts matters is that YouTube Marketing can significantly:

Generate More Revenue by Increase Conversions with Video Ads

While there are multiple ways to use Youtube videos for sales and conversions.
One of the most popular uses involves putting a link at the end of one video so if someone clicks it they can be directed to another page where they have access to more information about whatever product you’re trying to sell.
This strategy has been proven effective time after time across all industries as a very successful way to increase revenue.
With Marketing Agency’s help, you will have an engaging video that will attract viewers and increase views on your channel.
As a result? Increase in conversion.
Now, if you want to stand out with your youtube advertising campaign…
…you can seek help from the Marketing Agency who knows what it takes to get your business seen and heard through the power of youtube ads.
The way things work in this digital world these days, most people let their fingers do the walking when they’re researching for a product or service that interests them.
They go online and use search google searches to look for information about what they need or want to buy.
Sometimes they go visit videos on youtube to see uploaded videos there and for them to visualize what exactly the product they want to buy looks like.
This gives businesses an opportunity to come up higher on the list of results since it only takes seconds before one types in his query.
So if you own a company and all you can afford is basic SEO then you’re losing out to your competitors.
Truly, it pays to hire an agency as they understand the value of video ads and why it is important to invest in them.
They will find the right message for your target audience because there are no two people who are alike.
This makes each person more receptive when listening to the message you want him to hear, encouraging him to make a purchase.
Look for Youtube Marketing Agencies because they have proven experience in creating videos that tell stories effectively enough for people to stop dead in their tracks.
If you’re still not convinced then think about this…
Would you rather spend time on Youtube trying to filter through hours upon hours of content, or would you prefer someone do that for you?
Now, as per the Youtube advertising…
It’s very important because Youtube is a very popular video-sharing website and almost everyone who has an Internet Connection visits Youtube daily.
It may vary from one country to another but there are at least millions of people watching Youtube videos every day, and the number still increases through the years.
And it doesn’t really matter what you’re trying to reach or sell, Youtube Marketing Agency can help you increase your conversion rate by creating banner ads that will be featured on selected targeted channels.
This also helps minimize your costs because you won’t spend money on other things like television advertisements and billboards which might turn out to be unprofitable in the long run.
This is the best and most profitable way to promote your product or service because you can be very sure that people are actually interested in what you’re selling, or at least they enjoy watching related engaging content.
In this case, you also get a lot of free organic traffic from Youtube which will definitely help increase your sales tenfold.
The next reason why you need to hire experts is that:

They know how to work with Brands

youtube marketing expert
As a Youtube Advertising agency, working with brands isn’t an easy task, but it’s one of the most rewarding things a video marketing agency can do for their business and clients alike.
Not only that, but some great youtube marketing agencies can also get you sponsorships, collaborations, or other deals for increasing revenue streams from your videos.
As a result, your business will grow over time.
A good youtube marketing agency knows digital marketing a lot!
As part of their professional services, they can help your brand grow in different ways by using video as a tool.
Having these experts at hand makes it easier than ever before for even small businesses without any experience working with agencies to create amazing videos that bring people together online (and off).
A good agency has staff that is dedicated to YouTube strategy, they know what’s trending on the platform and how best to capitalize on it.
They will maximize your ad revenue through Google Adsense.
Plus, they can also provide training on creating video content and video strategy.
This leads to our last point…

Increase Audience Engagement

This is achievable by making sure you have engaging content.
Also, the fact that audience engagement is higher when there are ads on their favorite channels, means increased revenue.
Listen, if you’re doing this all by yourself, you can’t just upload a video and expect it to go viral.
You have to put in the work, but with an agency behind you who knows what they are doing this won’t be as much of a challenge.
They will know which keywords bring in traffic for your video because they understand google searches and they’ll drive traffic to your youtube homepage.
They are equipped with youtube analytics and when it comes to youtube searches, they will also help you how to leverage it so it doesn’t get lost or missed by viewers looking for content related to that keyword phrase.
Expect you’ll get more leads and conversions from these efforts via youtube marketing.
Video marketing and strategy sounds simple, but if you’re not paying attention to each platform it won’t be nearly as effective.
Increased audience engagement through effective marketing strategy allows an organization’s message to reach its target audiences at all stages throughout its buyer’s journey.
This makes digital marketers indispensable due to their unique ability to provide immediate customer service before, during, and after every sale using YouTube advertising campaigns.

In A Nutshell

If you’re looking for ways to increase your brand’s reach, improve the image of your online business, or just want a marketing agency that can help you with all aspects of digital strategy…
It might be time to consider getting in touch with an experienced YouTube Marketing Agency.
Do you need a “Done for you” marketing service?
Here at Quick Evolve, we are a full-time service digital marketing who provides a multi-channel marketing platform.
Feel free to get in touch with us by booking a free consultation call.
Now… as we wrap up, what’s your single biggest takeaway?
Leave us a comment below and let us know what resonates most with you.
Quick Evolve Team